Friday, April 3, 2009

Textures and Interface

That's pretty much been the name of the game this week-- textures and interface.  In fact, the interface is just about done art-wise.  Programming wise, there's a ton of functionality that we still need to add, including a tab view and tree view controller, which will probably not be fun at all.  Let us know if you've used a good python tree or tab view.

But I've also been hammering out some of the game textures.  New to this week-- we have an improved ocean, a whole bunch of food textures, and some light textures.  I didn't expect to be too much of an artist for this game, but with the programming being a solid commitment, I need to do a lot of art just to keep up.  Nik's been doing a great job with the python development.  This week we've seen the game itself get a lot better looking, both in functionality and art.  We have run a demo where a cell was created from a block diagram.  It then spun in circles, which was actually great, because we just gave it a flagellum with a constant input.

But both programming and art are major tasks.  We're going to have a ton of work in front of us to finish something playable in a month.  If we all put in the time we committed to and, more importantly, care how the game turns out, I think we can still pull things off.

Also the trac ticketing system, which we've started using, is working out great.  It's nice to sit down and see a list of all the things you have to do.  It gives you a greater sense of urgency (which is great, in my opinion), and also helps you to say "good enough, time to move on".  Unfortunately, as  of a few minutes ago, I have no tickets, so I'm going to go bug people until they tell me what they need done.

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