Friday, April 3, 2009

Cells that move

If I had to list the three most important things we need in order to get this game off the ground, I'd pick:
  • A working GUI that lets us iterate quickly and work with events and the user in a simple but powerful way.
  • A dish for the cells to swim around on that keeps track of the cells, light, food, and energy, and can give useful information such as closest neighbors.
  • The ability to create, save, and load block diagrams, and for block diagrams to control cells.
So far, I'd say we have the first one of these almost done. The GUI that I've written has an easy-to-use event interface, like all GUIs should, so that new functionality can quickly be implemented.
But the GUI isn't what I'm here to talk to you about today. Just recently I've implemented the third item: functionality that allows the block diagrams - which we've had for a while - to control cells. You can drag blocks around and connect them, and the cells actually move in a way that reflects the diagram.
In this picture, we see an eye and a flagellum controlling a cell (lightning bolt).

In addition to this, the block diagrams can be saved to and can be loaded from YAML. All that's left is to make the buttons at the bottom of the picture work, which shouldn't take long at all.
I really think using Trac has got us back on, well, track. We already have basic functionality, so in a month we should have something far more exciting.

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