Friday, April 17, 2009

Never thought I'd animate a sprite

But now I've done two.  They're sort of repetitive to make, but the end result is worth it. The cell from the last screen shot has been improved on.  It now looks beautiful and shimmers in the nebulous agar of the petri dish.  Also it may or may not have a sleek flagellum to propel it through said deeps.  That really depends on the work on Nik and Roberto, who are currently struggling to animate these two things in a way so that they move as a single entity.  So yes, I have been doing art stuff, and will probably finish the last few organelles for the earliest game prototype early next week.

In other news, we moved one of our meeting times to earlier in the day and we have been really working better as a group this week.  I think everyone is more on topic in meetings, and we're all contributing such that every time one of us has a neat deliverable that we can check in and show everyone, there are three other people who have done the same.  Now, these are small deliverables.  First it's rendered, then it plays an animation, then it moves, then it moves in a circle, etc.  But it is cool to see some progress coming out at a decent pace.

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