Monday, April 13, 2009

Moving onwards

Missed my post last week, so I'll do a quick update right now.  Our meeting times have been somewhat of a problem, so we switched a few of those around so that they work for everyone.  We'll see if we can be more engaged during the hours we're scheduled to meet now.

Also on the positive side of things, our interface is coming along well.  Now that the first revision of art is done for it, we're pretty much just adding in the functionality.  There is a tab control, and Andrew just put in a bunch of work to get that working.  It's pretty awesome.

Sprite progress is slow.  None of us have done that before, so although I've messed around for a few hours, there's nothing too substantial.  Hopefully we can get something good going and finish it.  I think our big problems are going to be placing organelles and things on the outside of cells if they're changing shape and size every frame.  If we then have multiple sizes of cells, things might get a little crazy.  This would be a good problem for us to sit down and talk about as a team.

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