Tuesday, March 3, 2009

GUI: Selections, Tabs, Sliding

The GUI has seen major improvements over the last week. We've gone from a black screen with a few boxes to the beginnings of the Dish and a drawer that smoothly slides in and out from the side of the screen.
(note: textures are placeholders)
Here you can see some new behaviors that have been added. Boxes are selectable (the lower-left one is selected, as signified by its white outline), and they also react to hovering and clicking—the lower-right block is being hovered over, so it's brighter than the others.
There are also a few things you can't see from a screenshot:
  • the sidebar here slides in and out smoothly when its tab is clicked.
  • the Dish--the image in the background--can be dragged around to view different parts of the map.
  • the code has undergone a major revision to make further development much faster.
All in all, things are proceeding well. Hopefully by next week there will be cells moving around on the Dish.

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