Friday, February 13, 2009

Becoming an Artist

So I've spent this last week becoming an artist. I've never really been artistically inclined. I'm good with straight lines and polygons. I can color inside the lines. The other team members are in similar situations. However, sounds and images are a huge part of video games. You can't make a good game without them. Holistically speaking.

Despite our lack of artistic training, we've decided to produce a game with some form of minimalistic art. A couple of theme songs following basic musical patterns and some drawings that focus on basic form rather than detail. This week I managed to make icons for the different organelles our cells may contain. Here are the oculus (eye), feeler, and flagellum:

Anyway, I think we've done a good job getting the project off of the ground. Now the biggest fear I have is that we get lax and start falling behind schedule. Guess I just need to have faith in the Gantt chart and our ability to keep to it.

Until next time...

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