Thursday, January 29, 2009

Roberto and Intelligent Design

After a couple of long weeks preparing the initial design document, I finally have some time to update this post with some actual information about my role on this design team.

I came onto this project with the goal of designing a successful video game. When I say successful, I don't mean monetarily or that it works perfectly right off the bat. I mean that I want to make a game that is enjoyable.

In order to further that goal I've spent a lot of time looking into what has made video games successful in the past. I've looked at Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and many, many other games.
I will bring this knowledge and my experience in design to help refine Intelligent Design: The Game into something very fun.

As for specific tasks, I will be helping out with high-level coding of some organelles and logic. However, my main work will be in refining the game design and control interface as we learn more about interactions between cells and how people wish to play the game.

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